About Zoom Player MAX 15.00 Build 1600

Play desired movies or favorite songs in a highly customizable and intuitive interface provided by this powerful application

With the advancement of technology, the media have evolved to impeccable qualities found in a wide variety of formats.

To enjoy them properly, you must use applications such as Zoom Player MAX. It is a powerful media workstation capable of running almost any media file.

Create and manage playlists

At the beginning, it can be preconfigured for desktop and laptop computers, home theater PCs or touchscreen devices.

In terms of images, the application does not differ much from similar media players.

Its interface is attractive, with a decent preview section, options for reproducing clearly visible and customizable skin colors, as well as support for downloadable content.

The loading of the desired elements is easily done by dragging them over the main window or through the dedicated browser.

This includes decrypted Blu-ray discs whose main movies can be played, as well as YouTube videos (by URL). You can open a playlist manager that houses all the inserted items, allowing you to save and load existing lists.

A multimedia library jukebox mode is useful for obtaining missing metadata for movie or TV posters, titles, descriptions, etc.

Zoom Player MAX

Multiple dedicated playback modes

Zoom Player MAX tries to bring a small variety to media rendering. You can change to several modes to be more accessible, depending on the intended purpose.

By default, it runs in multimedia mode, which basically represents a basic aspect. The tool remembers the last position of the middle when leaving.

For music use, you can switch to audio mode, which disables the preview section so that it does not take up the necessary space on your desktop.

You can create ringtones for mobile phones from media playback. In addition, the application allows you to take advantage of a DVD mode, which provides a set of options for browsing dedicated content.

It is also possible to remotely program multimedia content for later playback via TCP / IP.

All commands at your fingertips

Fortunately, all the features that the application makes available can be attributed to a custom combination of keys.

Seeing how you can work with a large amount of content provided, this is useful as it saves a lot of time and makes everything more comfortable. Customizable mouse gestures are also available.

In addition, you can improve the sound that reaches your ears to clean or tune it.

This is done with the help of an integrated equalizer that gives you access to various presets, as well as the ability to save your own settings.

The same can be said about videos, since some color correction sliders can completely transform the clip. In addition, you can switch to full screen for a clearer view, create chapters in videos or trim them carefully.

To end with

With everything in mind, we can say that Zoom Player MAX is a practical application that you can use as an alternative to existing giants.

It comes fully equipped with everything you need to render multimedia files without problems, doing your job well in general.

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