About Zapya

ZAPYA promises to be the fastest tool for cross-platform file transfer. Essentially, you can send files without a WiFi router and it will not cost any mobile data, providing a “safe and saving” service.

The program only needs the devices to be connected in the same WLAN (wireless local area network) or in an AP (access point) created by ZAPYA through your PC or Android.

Key features include:

Connect more than 300 million users.

Multiplatform file sharing.

The best tool application of GMIC 2015.

A mobile data plan or WiFi router is not required.

“Any file and any size.”

Fast and safe


Regularly updated.

ZAPYA can connect with native software for iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Phone / PC and Mac. It is said to be the fastest wireless file transfer tool available and can connect and model devices without problems. In addition, it is also a free service!

You can transfer any file, regardless of size or type, according to its creators. This means that your photos, music, video, applications, PDF and any other file, of unlimited size, can be transferred to another platform in a very short time.

Meanwhile, its “Share in group” function means that you can facilitate a transfer of any person with several people at once.

In general, ZAPYA is a quick and simple tool to have in your arsenal. After all, file transfer should be so simple in the 21st century, but we all know that it can often cause problems! That’s where ZAPYA comes in, there is a reason why it is used by more than 300 million people worldwide.

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