Overview Yandex Browser

This is a free web browser developed by the Russian web search corporation Yandex that uses the Blink design engine and is based on the open source Chromium project.

The browser verifies the security of the web page with the Yandex security system and verifies the downloaded files with the Kaspersky antivirus. The browser also uses Opera Software’s Turbo technology to speed up web browsing on slow connections.

Yandex Browser Offline Installer Features Overview :

Different “new tab” screen with Windows 8-style interface

And specialized widgets for popular services (for example, the gmail widget shows the number of unread messages).

Synchronization of user data with the Internet and other devices running yandex.browser, including tabs, bookmarks, history, passwords, settings, and more.

Keyboard layout selector built into omnibox: p. If the user visits gmail.com frequently and starts typing “пьф” (“gma” with Russian keyboard layout) and presses Enter, the user will be taken to gmail.com and not to the “пьф” search page ( as is the case in Chrome, for example).

Built-in translation: Selecting any text displays a pop-up button that, when pressed, displays a translation of the text into Russian using Lingvo.

With version 1.1, Opera Turbo has been integrated to speed up the loading of web pages through slow Internet connections and reduce data usage

Technical details and system requirements :

Compatible OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bits)
Processor: Pentium IV or higher
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Free hard disk space: 200MB or more

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