About The Dude 6.47.2

Scan your network, make a design map and start monitoring the connected services and devices using this comprehensive software solution

Dude is a versatile network monitoring application, ideal for dealing with a small network infrastructure. It provides you with all the basic features of a visual network management software and strives to put on the table some of the tools used by experienced network administrators.

Requires configuration, but includes comprehensive help

This approach is probably what leads to the intimidating user interface. The main functions of The Dude are easily accessible,

But the wide range of options, settings and commands can scare the inexperienced user at first glance. This is only a small setback, since after browsing the application a bit, things tend to get familiar.

After scanning the network, The Dude presents users with an adjustable visual interface of the network structure. All computers, routers,

File servers or web servers are displayed using a set of icons to differentiate them, and all are presented similarly to the web. You can easily drag any of the network elements that interest you and rearrange the structure to your liking.

Easily add and manage new devices

You can add new devices, networks or sub-maps to the visual representation of the currently discovered elements simply by providing the IP address or subnets, thus extending the frame.

With The Dude you can easily obtain IP addresses, MAC addresses or services running on any of the machines on the network. You can perform a wide range of actions on any of the computers on the network and use the monitoring protocols to receive notifications of all important changes.

You can ping, traceroute, poll, scan or use the remote connection to obtain information on computers or routers in your network. In addition, the application provides valuable graphics and statistics on the performance of your network.

A practical network monitoring tool for advanced users

If you are looking for a free network management solution,

Then you should try it and see what it does for you.

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