About RealPlayer (RealTimes)

Organize your multimedia files in a dedicated cloud storage space,

Play favorite clips and songs while sharing them with your friends using this powerful all-in-one media player

The most common form of entertainment today is to enjoy a show or your favorite songs. This can easily be done by visiting some of the most popular media websites or using specialized applications. RealPlayer Cloud promises to offer an impressive audio and video experience on your desktop.

Have your multimedia files wherever you go

As the name implies, the application puts a variable amount of storage space available on the Internet so you can save your music and videos.

An interesting concept makes you constantly share items with your friends or install the application on several devices, because each of these activities allows you to gain more storage space.

Smartly organize your media libraries

The main application window allows you to quickly switch between the main functions available.

One of them gives you the possibility to organize files that are on your computer or in your dedicated space in the cloud.

Multiple custom collections can be created and completed with items that you can sort according to various criteria.

Once you encounter a file while browsing through the application tabs,

Pressing the “Add” button in the context menu quickly places it in a selected collection.

RealPlayer (RealTimes)

Watch and download videos online

One of the most useful features is an integrated web browser.

This comes in two forms, one that is strictly related to videos, search and play YouTube clips, while the other gives you full navigation controls.

In addition, after installation, you can choose to enable the “Download this video” function, which needless to say what function it fulfills.

These can be automatically sent to your cloud space for quick and better management.

As for the integrated player, it is capable of playing almost all available audio and video formats. The playback options are clearly visible, with an adjustable volume slider up to 200%.

There are even some tools at your disposal with the help of which you can carefully trim the videos or convert them to a decent amount of formats.

In conclusion

To summarize, RealPlayer Cloud is definitely a guardian when it comes to multimedia files.

It is equipped with everything you need to play clips, songs, edit and store them in Internet storage, as well as take it to the web.

In other words, RealPlayer Cloud is a powerful multimedia workstation.

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