About Quick Heal Total Security 19.00 (64-Bit)

Complete PC security against malware, with email, Internet and network protection, parental controls, removable drive scans, system optimization and maintenance, and more

Made as a comprehensive anti-malware application to defend computers from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware and other forms of online attacks, Quick Heal Total Security contains real-time protection and is part of a three-type security suite: Antivirus Pro, Internet Security and Total Security; As its name implies, this version has most of the features.

Quick setup and easy to use interface

Installing the program is a quick and easy task, since users are not asked to exclude any component. It’s worth mentioning that Quick Heal comes equipped with a personal firewall that runs silently in the background. Although it is not mentioned in the settings,

It turns on automatically after installation. The problem is that Windows Firewall remains enabled and must be disabled to avoid conflicts that are likely to lead to system stability issues.

In terms of interface, Quick Heal is wrapped in a nice and intuitive window that provides quick access to its main components. Most of them can be enabled and disabled with a single click.

Various scanning modes for comprehensive research

A full system scan takes the entire hard drive to check for suspicious activity, the custom scan allows users to select the exact areas to consider, while the memory scan only scans for active processes and services (quickly or exhaustive, depending on the user’s preference). Boot Time scan runs a check of the auto-start entries at system startup,

And finally Mobile Scan runs malware searches on mobile devices connected to the PC.

Advanced scan settings and other options

The default scanner settings can be altered when it comes to executable, archived and packaged files, customer email mailboxes, antispam file extensions, threat detection actions, exclusions, scan schedules, quarantine and file backups before to take action. Settings can be restored to default values.

Additional settings revolve around real-time protection, DNAScan (cloud assistance) technology, behavioral detection level,

And sending suspicious files to developer labs for closer inspection.

Internet and privacy protection

As previously mentioned, Total Security presents its own firewall against network attacks. It is also capable of blocking access to phishing and fraudulent websites, defending the PC against spyware, adware, keyloggers and riskware, guaranteeing maximum protection when browsing the web by limiting all activities in a limited browser environment,

As well as restricting access to specific websites and program Internet access for children through a parental control module.

Optimization and maintenance of the system.

PC Tuner is a separate utility part of the entire package, giving users the ability to tune Windows and increase their performance levels by cleaning disk, registry,

And browser traces, as well as defragmenting the registry. It includes a task scheduler and various customization options related to each component, plus reporting, backup and restore,

Plus additional tools dedicated to finding duplicate files, safely deleting data, managing auto-start entries, and optimizing services.

Performance and conclusion

Quick Heal Total Security has shown very good results in our evaluation regarding virus detection rate,

Scanning speed and RAM consumption (CPU usage is moderate). It is certainly packed with numerous features to meet the requirements of all users looking for essential and alternative ways to ensure machine protection from malware. Those looking for fewer features can turn to the previously mentioned minor versions of Quick Heal Total Security. Virus signatures can be manually updated with Quick Heal Virus Database.

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