PUBG Lite looks like a fusion of the main version of the PC game and the mobile version. And a successful one in that. Here are my first impressions of PUBG Lite.

No matter how popular, we have to admit that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a very demanding game. So, to counter this, PUBG Corp announced earlier this year that a Lite version of the game will be released.

And soon PUBG Lite was made available in some of the countries of South Asia. And the game arrived yesterday at the Indian coast.

Just to make things clear, only the beta version of the game is available in India.

Now, we have almost covered all aspects prior to the release of PUBG Lite, including how to download and pre-register. And now that it was released, I tried the game to see how it works, and here are my first impressions of PUBG Lite.

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PUBG Lite graphics and interface


Once the game starts from the launcher, we see images similar to those of the PC version with the brand.

But like PUBG Mobile, players receive gifts for logging in every day. The main menu is very similar to the main PC game, and even has an event pass with challenge rewards.

There is also the same battle point system, along with the store to buy cosmetic items and inventory to check and equip things.


Turning to the game’s appearance, we tested it in both low and ultra settings. The low setting tends to make everything look like a single drop.

But in its Ultra graphics configuration, the game looks very similar to the mobile version. Grass, textures and designs seem closer to the mobile version of the game than to the PC version.

The grass is very scarcely present in the game, which means perdition for those who bite.

How to play

While the graphics of the game are closer to the mobile version of things, the gameplay is mainly similar to the main PC game.

This includes all actions in the game. But one of the things that is present here that is not in the PC version is self-equipment. Here, once the accessories are picked up or a gun is changed, the appropriate accessories will be installed automatically.


But the doors do not open automatically and must be opened by pressing “F”, which is the default. The vault seems to take some time here.

Aiming and shooting again seems more similar to the mobile version of the game than to the PC version. The acceptance of the aiming assistance is quite quick and facilitates the death of people.


I was running the game on a five-year low-budget gaming laptop, which generally has difficulties. The game had trouble keeping Ultra frame rates, but in low settings it worked as smooth as butter.

I ran it on the PC of a colleague’s office that has slightly better specifications and is quite new. Here, Ultra graphics offer a very sanctifying performance.

As for the mechanics of the game, the fall of FPS seems to affect the way the bullets hit the enemy. This is similar to the main PC game, where FPS crashes also affect the bullet record.

But in addition to this, it worked surprisingly well on such an old PC, and that too without problems.

First impressions of PUBG Lite

Those players who may not have had the best specifications on their PC and who hope to play PUBG may finally have their answer.

PUBG Lite continues to demonstrate that PUBG Corp not only wants a larger player base, but also listens to its users. The game is a very balanced fusion of the main PC version and the mobile version.

It has been created to work well even on old PCs, with obsolete specifications.

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