About PowerArchiver 2019 (19.00.59)

Compress files and extract archive content, connect to cloud storage accounts and FTP servers, compile ISO images and burn files to discs and more With the amount of compression tools available in the market today, the choice depends primarily on your

priorities: fast compression and extraction, small files after compression or additional tools to improve

The functionality of the program.

PowerArchiver has a bit of everything and stands out from the crowd thanks to its rich set of features.

The interface mainly contains elements found in any common file cabinet. Before running it for the first time, you

You can choose whether to enable advanced options or not, but this preference can be modified later.
Quick compression and extraction tasks

After trying it, you will probably be impressed, as it manages to quickly compress files and

extract archive content from numerous types of files (including .rar if WinRAR is installed). In our tests, it

He managed to extract files from a 2.5GB file in about a minute. As expected, it was very demanding regarding


After configuration, the tool adds new entries to the context menu of Windows Explorer to easily compress files

zip or .7z encrypted files, upload them to a cloud account or via FTP, or compile them into ISO images to

burn them later, among others.


Batch tools, cloud storage, FTP client, backups and disc burner

The application gives you the ability to process multiple files at once when it comes to compression and

Extraction by batch tools. In addition, an integrated converter allows you to quickly modify file formats.

Cloud sharing is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Azure, S3, Attachment Cloud, Attachment Cloud

Beta and Box You can also use a built-in FTP client to download and upload files, create complete and incremental files

and differential backups that run automatically within a custom programmer, or turn to an integrated disk

recorder to record files, ISO images and other types of files, as well as to erase rewritable discs.

To sum up, PowerArchiver proves to be a reliable, fast and versatile utility designed not only for

compress files and extract archive content, but also to connect to cloud or FTP storage accounts

servers, as well as to burn discs. The default setting should be enough for beginners, while the

In-depth customization preferences must meet the requirements of professionals.

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