About PeaZip 7.4.0 (32-Bit)

Compress files and folders to save valuable disk space and take advantage of many more integrated tools with the help of this powerful application

To improve security measures, most applications and files are distributed in files to prevent infiltration of malicious software. There are a lot of utilities that can be used for this task, PeaZip being one of them.

He manages to come equipped with a set of tools that offer much more than the ability to compress files.

Nice and intuitive interface.

The application execution shows a modern design interface that includes almost all the archiving tools found in the most common dedicated utilities.

The top toolbar is equipped with intuitive buttons that allow you to add, extract, convert, test and various other options.

The workspace resembles a file browser, which intelligently allows you to navigate through your computer exactly as you would with the default operating system browser. In addition,

the application integrates its main features in the context menu for greater ease of access.

Configure the amount of system resources to use

In terms of functionality, the application does not bring anything new to the market. It is able to associate its characteristics with almost all available file formats.

The compression and extraction speed is moderate, with a slight tendency to consume a considerable amount of resources.

However, you can set the priority from the progress window that appears once the process is set in motion.

A great variety of other integrated tools.

In addition to the basic compression tools, the application presents some specialties.

Given the file explorer interface workspace, you can change the top toolbar to a file manager to access dedicated options that allow you to cut, copy, paste, create new folders, rename or even find duplicate files on the current route.

There are more options available, including the possibility of having files open with external applications.

Edit and convert image files

In addition, there is also an integrated image viewer, with support for basic editing.

It allows you to crop selected photos, rotate them or adjust them to a custom resolution, as well as save them in a different format such as BMP, PNG or JPG.

Create automated scheduled tasks

Among other features, you can find a Task Scheduler that allows you to configure specific computer operations, such as running a certain application, by setting advanced parameters. You can make it recurring, while taking advantage of a guided creation process or immersing yourself in a large number of advanced settings.

To sum it up

After all, PeaZip lives up to expectations, although it is not the most powerful utility of its kind. It allows you to take advantage of a handful of features, from simple file options to file management and security-related settings.

It is definitely worth a try if you are looking for an alternative to the existing industry giants.

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