About O&O Defrag 22 Professional Edition

Product Highlights

SOLID / Fast: This method, developed specifically for SSD, performs a superficial optimization of the SSD, for example, which eliminates free space. This method is smoother and faster.

SOLID / Full: This method, specially developed for SSD, is used to fully optimize the SSD.

ClusterView for SSD: to represent the degree of fragmentation of an SSD, the ClusterView now represents the logical structure of an SSD, corresponding 6 blocks are combined into one

O&O DiskCleaner – Finds and deletes temporary and unnecessary files that consume disk space and increase fragmentation

Fragment filters to identify the most fragmented files on a drive

Automatically wipe free memory for privacy

System optimization with thin provisioning

Time history shows which defrag action led to which optimization success

Easy to use: suitable for beginners and professionals.

Even faster system and program starts

Reduced duration of defragmentation.

Defragmentation of locked files

Prevents refragmentation efficiently

Extends the life of hardware.

Faster internet browsing

Increases the chance of recovering lost data

Accelerates backup and restore operations

Defragment your PC at the touch of a button

The O&O Defrag Professional and Workstation editions are compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

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