Overview of OBS Studio 25.0.8 (64-Bit)

OBS Studio is an application designed for amateur players, artists, developers or users who enjoy creating tutorials and transmissions that they share over the Internet.

Create high quality recordings with OpenGL or Direct3D on your desktop and stream them on the Internet through this intuitive software solution.

OBS Studio 23 works with multiple streaming services, including Twitch. The configuration is fast and without incident, so it is unlikely that you can find any problem at this stage.

Upon launch, you will receive a minimalist, clean and intuitive interface that shows all the features and functions available.

OBS Studio is equipped with a powerful API, which allows add-ons and scripts to provide greater customization and functionality specific to your needs.

Use native add-ons for high-performance integrations or scripts written with Lua or Python that interact with existing sources.

Features of OBS Studio :

Capture and mix high-performance video / audio in real time.

Set up an unlimited number of scenes between which you can switch smoothly through custom transitions.

Intuitive audio mixer with filters by source, such as noise gate, noise suppression and gain.

Take full control with the support of the VST plugin.

Powerful and easy to use configuration options

Add new sources, duplicate existing ones and adjust their properties effortlessly

The simplified configuration panel gives you access to a wide range of configuration options

The modular “Dock” user interface allows you to rearrange the design exactly as you wish.

You can even deploy each individual Dock in its own window.

System requirements for the program :

Windows 7 or newer

Intel Core i7 CPU at 3 GHz or higher (for full 1080p high definition transmission)

Integrated or discrete graphics card compatible with DirectX 10.

at least 4 GB of RAM and.

2 GB of free disk space.

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