About Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Accessible and easy-to-use antivirus solution that allows users to protect their personal computer from various types of malware

Note: Beta / RC licenses are usually valid for 90 days and require an Internet connection for activation.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a premium anti-malware utility designed to detect and eliminate viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, automatic bookmarks,

Suspicious files and multipack, along with other web-based threats that can damage or steal data from your computer.

It is backed by real-time protection and other security utilities,

Made to ensure 24-hour PC protection against malicious software.

Trouble-free configuration and a clean user interface

The installation procedure is quick and does not require customization, unlike other popular antivirus products. Its interface looks nice and a well-organized structure with four large flat buttons that provide quick access to scans, virus definition updates, reports and quarantine.

Expanding this section reveals two additional buttons for tools and software updates.

Multiple scanning modes and in-depth configuration

Depending on the user’s file priorities and the time spent looking for malware, Kaspersky offers four types of scanning, namely the complete, fast, custom and removable disk mode,

in addition to the contextual scanning that allows users to Users quickly verify any file, folder or drive through the context menu of Windows Explorer.

Those who are not satisfied with the factory settings of the application,

The can make modifications when it comes to the security level,

The automatic action in the detection of threats, the scanning mode of removable drives in the connection, the scope of the scan, the administrative accounts or other user accounts, and scheduling tasks if necessary.

Additional options focus on the types of objects detected, exclusion rules, trusted applications, the self-defense mechanism (blocks any attempt to modify or delete Kaspersky Anti-Virus files, memory processes and registry entries),

Software compatibility (to run Kaspersky without problems along with other applications) and avoid conflicts), monitored ports and encrypted connections.

Additional tools and security settings

The application may become non-intrusive by disabling notifications of events, audio, news and promotional materials.

In addition, users can examine all program activity in reports and manage suspicious items in the quarantine, as well as limit the size and duration of records and objects contained.

Kaspersky can be optimized to preserve battery life,

Play video games without intrusions and reduce system resource consumption at startup,

As well as to perform inactive and rootkit scans.

Ongoing tasks can be monitored and modified from a task manager.

The additional utilities are designed to scan OS vulnerabilities and third-party applications,

Create a bootable disk with Windows files in case of serious malware infections,

Scan the system and troubleshoot problems caused by viruses or OS failures, clean the HDD by removing unnecessary files, as well as assess the security status of Internet Explorer settings.

Evaluation and conclusion

Kaspersky has always been seen as a first level security program and this edition makes no exception.

It provides very good virus detection results and scanning speed, while in general it remains light on system resources. In addition, its presence is barely noticeable when you disable all notifications.

In summary, users who are in the market looking for an accessible, feature-rich,

Customizable and fast antimalware application cannot go wrong with Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Those looking for additional functions can turn to Kaspersky Internet Security.

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