About IObit Malware Fighter

Quickly eliminate existing ransomware infections, avoid new attacks and protect your data from all kinds of threats with the help of this tool that makes surfing the web a worry-free experience

Regardless of how attentive you are while browsing the web, the simple fact that the human factor is involved puts you at risk,

With the multitude of malicious attempts that are launched from all directions.

IObit Malware Fighter is a software solution that handles these threats,

All in an accessible user interface that makes the whole process quite simple.

Fight malware on multiple fronts

First things first, it is worth mentioning that IObit Malware Fighter proposes several approaches to increase the security of your computer,

Being able to scan it for suspicious presences and at the same time be aware of the dangers lurking in the browser.

As mentioned, even from the first interaction with the program, things are quite simple. The main window is the place where you can start a scanning process, with two options at your disposal. To be more specific, you can start a complete or customized analysis.

You can perform full or custom scans

In case your choice is the last one, you can select the directory you wish to scan, with the possibility of evaluating the proper functioning of the memory processes and the critical area of ??the system.

Please note that the operation does not require any effort on your part, since the application has shown rapid reactions during our tests. It offers to automatically remove malware and at the same time shut down,

Restart or put your computer into sleep mode.

With respect to the “Browser Protect” component, it comes with several advantages designed to ensure an inviolable environment while browsing the web. To be more specific, it provides protection of the home page,

Eliminating all attempts to apply unauthorized modifications to your default search engine, as well as your home page.

Guarantees real-time navigation protection.

In addition, anti-tracking functions are included, such as navigation protection. Apart from that, enabling “DNS Protect” ensures that your DNS settings are not affected by malicious actions of any attacker,

While a plugin and a toolbar cleaner are the icing on the cake.

A so-called “Safe Box” is also integrated into the program to restrict access to files and folders that contain confidential data that could be exploited by attackers,

And MBR Guard should patch all vulnerabilities that arise at system startup.

As for the “Security Guard”, it is where you should go if you want to select the engine that protects it,

As well as all the guards who should guarantee your security and privacy. Network, file and boot protectors can be called to action, along with ransomware, process and USB disk sentries.

In addition, if you want to track all scanning tasks and threat removal actions performed,

There are also reports that contain informative details.

Comprehensive program that blocks all types of malware

On a final note, IObit Malware Fighter is a capable software that can deal with a lot of hidden threats ranging from spyware, adware and ransomware, to Trojans, worms, keyloggers, bots and so on,

And malware authors have their chances of affecting your computer dramatically reduced.

Taking into account the ease of use of the program combined with its ingenious GUI,

We recommend it as a solution aimed at all users alike.

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