About ICQ 10.0 Build 41693

One of the most popular instant messaging applications with support for voice and video calls to improve communication possibilities.

There is a wide variety of instant messaging applications that strive to provide speed and quality. Only a few have managed to make a name over the years, and ICQ is probably one of them. It is a standard chat application, with several features that could convince you to keep it for more than one attempt.

It keeps you connected everywhere

One of the first things to mention is that the application is aimed at almost all mobile devices, as well as computers, which allows you to stay connected virtually anywhere. Needless to say, it only uses a few system resources, running smoothly in most configurations.

Fully customizable user interface.

The interface is nothing out of the ordinary, but is subject to change due to the available customization options. There is a decent list of masks that you can apply, with the possibility of selecting any color that you consider to match your style.

Connect to several social networks

In case you don’t have an ICQ account yet, you can still use the application to get in touch with your friends from the most popular social networks like Facebook, Yahoo! or Google Mail. In addition, you can configure these accounts so that you can easily connect to one of them without having to enter your credentials each time.

Support voice and video calls.

The instant message window of the application becomes visible, both by the amount of space occupied on your desktop and by the decent size of the text fields. All this can be adjusted and conversations can be improved with an impressive amount of emoticons and toons.

You can also use the application to set up voice or video calls to get more possibilities. This makes it efficient, since you can easily communicate with someone through a mobile device. There is also integrated support for games that you can easily change from the conversation window.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that ICQ is one of those applications that define instant messaging. All available functions ensure that you get in touch easily and quickly with friends and family, while the fully customizable interface makes it suitable for any environment.

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