Instructions F-Secure SAFE – free for 1 Year for 1 device

Go to Indicated Page (All Information are There) Or Go to the Offer Page , enter the special promo code: ” RH17FYH3FD ” and the email address, then press the ” Weiter ” button .

 On the next page, click ” Download .”

Create an account.

After confirming the registration in the received letter, go to the account page and add your device. Download and install antivirus .

Free license for 1
year for the comprehensive anti-virus solution F-Secure SAFE. Provide reliable
protection for your one device, a computer running Windows, MacOS, a smartphone
or tablet on Android or iOS.

F-Secure SAFE – an
antivirus solution that provides comprehensive security on a global network,
protects against viruses, trojans and ransomware. Provides reliable protection
for your internet surfing and online shopping. Using parental control will help
protect children from Internet threats.

Note: To obtain a license, you must use a VPN with an IP address from Germany!

To download F-Secure SAFE – free for 1 Year for 1 device please click this download button, Thanks.

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