Overview of Expresii Benefits

The ink painting software uses fluid dynamics to simulate watercolor and other natural media and features GPU-accelerated water-based paint, organic brushes simulation, and ultra-deep zoom capabilities.

It’s designed to replicate traditional Eastern painting – the brush engine mimics the deformations of an actual calligraphy brush – but as the demo videos show, it can use to create Western-style watercolor effects. The software can generate images up to 12K resolution and is GPU-accelerated to smooth out panning and zooming. However, the hardware requirements are pretty low: a $60-100 graphics card is recommended.

It supports both pen and touch input, and if you’ve got a device with a tilt sensor (or a game controller), you can even tilt your virtual paper to control the flow of the ink. Images can be saved in PNG or PSD formats, supporting alpha channels and PSD layers.

Overview of Expresii Features

  • Moxi Paint Engine
  • We harness the GPU to bring the watercolor sim to a new level!
  • Yibi Brush Engine
  • Giving you the power to create organic shapes like wielding a natural brush!
  • Youji Rendering Engine
  • Zoom in to see your work as if done on a real piece of paper. No more fat pixels!

You can also download Pro Version of Sketchbook here Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2021 v8.8.0

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