About CrystalDiskMark 7.0.0h

This is a lightweight but highly efficient application designed as a reference system for your hard drive, allowing you to evaluate read and write speeds.

Evaluating the performance of various hardware components is a job for specialized software utilities that can exhaustively test various parameters before reaching a qualified conclusion. For hard drives, one of the possible options is CrystalDiskMark.


Quick and easy deployment

The application runs through the configuration process fairly quickly. Except for the destination directory, there is nothing else to configure.

Pay attention every step of the way though,

As you might end up with a different home page and other installed apps too.

Put your HDD under the scope

This application was developed to help you get to know your HDD, so it has the power to measure sequential and random read / write speeds while displaying all the details to the user with the help of a simple interface.

The whole look is designed to make the app very easy to use,

So all the information you will get after testing will be displayed in the main window.

Does the job fast

Speaking of testing, CrystalDiskMark takes just a couple of minutes to complete all the benchmarks. For the most accurate results, it is recommended to close all other applications before pressing the start button.

Uses few system resources

This tool doesn’t put your processor and RAM under tremendous load, but it’s best not to have documents open while CrystalDiskMark performs a test,

Be it a sequential read or write or 4KB / 512KB random read or write.

You can manually select the number of test runs, the test size, and the unit to be analyzed, and then press the corresponding button to start all tests.

To sum it up

After all, CrystalDiskMark offers decent performance and does its job very well. The application does not require any additional knowledge and any user will be able to take advantage of its functions and verify the capabilities of its HDD.

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