About Avira Free Security Suite

A set of security tools that provide basic protection and optimization for your computer, thanks to Avira Free Antivirus, Phantom VPN and System Speedup

Avira is one of the big players in the security sector, as it provides reliable scanning technology combined with advanced performance tools to help you make the most of your PC without compromising data.

Avira suites bring together multiple Avira tools in a single installer,

Saving users the time and effort required to implement all these applications separately. That is also the case with the Avira Free Security suite.

Antivirus, optimization software and a VPN in the same package

The collection of tools in Avira Free Security Suite includes Avira Free Antivirus,

Avira System Speedup and Avira Phantom VPN,

All working together to turn your daily computer sessions into a safe, fast and private experience.

All the aforementioned applications can be easily managed through Avira Connect, an application that runs in the system tray and allows you to verify the protection tools on the local computer and other devices. With Avira Connect, you can start the antivirus and other utilities included in the package,

Or download and install the additional Avira software.

Reliable antivirus that provides basic malware protection

Avira Free Antivirus relies on the Avira scanning engine to detect malware and potentially dangerous files before they reach your system. In addition, its enhanced protection system promises to detect and block ransomware before individual files or the entire system are encrypted.

With real-time protection and on-demand scans of local and removable drives, as well as key areas of the system and running processes,

It can provide the essential level of security that any computer should have.

Privacy protection and performance optimization.

The suite also includes the Avira VPN solution, which guarantees complete anonymity during browsing sessions. Phantom VPN offers one-click access to secure servers worldwide, protecting your online privacy.

Avira System Speedup evaluates the performance of your system, looking for fragmented data and configurations that can slow it down. It also features a boot optimization module and predefined power modes, along with a large number of tools for managing files,

Finding errors and defragmenting disks, managing installed processes, services and applications, or creating backup copies.

Basic protection and performance improvement tools.

With the growing assortment of threats, both in number and complexity,

It is mandatory to run an updated security solution on any computer.

Avira Free Security Suite is a good option, but remember that it only offers essential security and system optimization tools. Additional features are available in Avira Internet Security Suite or Avira Total Security Suite.

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