About Ashampoo® Disk-Space-Explorer 2018

Explore disk space consumption and file distribution with the help of this accessible application that illustrates data using pie charts

Taking charge of your computer includes, among other things, being constantly updated on your file distribution and disk space consumption. This information is truly valuable as it allows you to avoid a multitude of performance issues.

To get an overview of all these aspects, a software utility like Ashampoo Disk-Space-Explorer 2018 could be useful, since it is capable of performing a quick but complete analysis.

Shows details about file distribution and space consumption.

Regarding the setup process that users have to go through, it’s worth noting that it shouldn’t pose a problem, and once the user interface is revealed, anyone can see that the program is focused on efficiency.

First, you need to select the disk you want to scan, with a directory tree available to browse. Other than that, at the bottom of the main window,

A pie chart is integrated and gives you a perspective from the point of view of space consumption.

Can perform filtered analysis

Apart from that, a series of filters can be applied to your files. Therefore, you can search for audio, video, graphic, file, document, or application files, with the ability to indicate which file formats should be partially associated with each class.

While that’s it in terms of features, the fact remains that the program could prove useful in various contexts. The study of file distribution can be done by folder or structure,

And the analysis of disk space consumption can be carried out using filters so that resource pigs can be identified effortlessly.

Intuitive application that helps you locate pig resources

On a final note, Ashampoo Disk-Space-Explorer 2018 is a practical application whose purpose is mainly informative. The program can scan and analyze your disk and offer varied information on file distribution and space consumption,

And although it is really easy to use, it does not allow you to create reports based on the data it collects, which could be a deciding factor for some users

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