About Ashampoo Backup Pro 14.06

Your lifesaver when all else fails. “Backup Pro 12 is undoubtedly one of Ashampoo’s flagship products and has received considerable recognition for it. Essentially, its main objective is to be an important backup solution against data loss and reinstallations, while offering optimal efficiency.

Claiming to eliminate the fear of viruses, ransomware and other errors, the product offers the customer a lot of options to make backup copies of the files. According to the creators, Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 can recover your system through its integrated emergency application, even in the case of a total system failure.

Key features include :

Easy cloud backups.

Versatile data recovery.

Remedy for ransomware and viruses.

Self-explanatory user interface

Powerful disk check for 100% reliable backups.

Support for OneDrive Business / Office, Owncloud and Nextcloud.

Designed to be a backup solution for beginners that offers professional results, the program is also lightweight in system resources. Explanations for all program settings are also available and have been praised for their ease of use. It also comes with disk status monitoring, which will warn the user of possible data loss.

The backup viewer will allow you instant access to the backed up files and the program allows you to make backup copies and restore complete Windows systems. There is also support for OneDrive Business / Office, Owncloud and Nextcloud.

The practical rescue system with UEFI support comes well structured with a clear design. The developers focused on making it “clean, logical and beautiful”, which means that the work can be made easier and intuitive for the user. No previous knowledge is required to use this program, with all the needs and use cases taken care of

Overall, the Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 deserves the praise it has received, thanks to its versatile data recovery. With the promise of always being updated and with new and powerful functions, it is not surprising that this program receives excellent reviews for its practicality and effectiveness.

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