About ALZip

Manage almost all existing file formats and create new ones quickly and easily with the help of this powerful and easy-

to-use application

When talking about file compression programs, there are many solutions to choose from. ALZip is one of them, a comprehensive file and extraction program that you can use to compress files and view the contents of the file.

Quickly identify the files you want to process

The ease of use is one of the advantages offered by this compression tool: its tree view interface allows you to quickly search for the desired files. The search for specific elements can be easily done by inserting a keyword; Files can be filtered according to name, size or format. In addition, users can assign a comment to any file to better identify it.

Useful context menu entries

Once installed, new ALZip elements are created in the context menu of any file or folder, so easy access to functions is definitely not a problem. In addition, you can take a look at the file by simply right clicking on it.

It can handle almost all file formats

With support for more than 40 different file formats, ALZip can also extract CD image formats, such as ISO, BIN and LCD. If you need to compress large files, you can use the ALGip EGG format, which is very flexible and benefits from powerful features.

Check and recover damaged files

ALZip comes with some additional advantages that make file management much easier. Along with the rapid compression and extraction, the program supports expansion files. Another important feature is that you can create self-extracting files for computers that do not have a compression tool installed. In addition to all this, you can perform virus checks and error tests, as well as recover files with error.

Keep your files protected

Another function that makes this software remarkable is the possibility of encoding the language for the created file, so it can be used in operating systems with different languages. More than that, ALZip allows you to protect your files by assigning them a password to restrict unwanted access.

In conclusion

All in all, ALZip proves to be a useful utility and compression extractor, which you can use to easily manage any type of file. He probably handles all the formats he encounters, and does a pretty good job overall, with little effort required in his name and on his computer.

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