About Adobe Dimension

Adobe Dimension is a 3D design and rendering software application from Adobe Inc. Created to support the latest technologies

For realistic representation, composition and sharing of projects, Adobe Dimension offers Adobe Creative Cloud users

Access to the powerful application to render realistic 3D images. However, this is not a 3D modeling application. Was

created from scratch to provide extensive support for importing 3D models (models that were created in another third

party software applications and saved in a compatible format that Dimension can recognize), customizing those models with

either realistic materials or stamped on them creations made of Photoshop or Illustrator, and then provide users

Industry-leading tools for composition, layout and visual customization, before final photorealistic 2D rendering


This focus on importing models, the layout and representation of highly realistic photographic images allows Adobe Dimension users

to quickly see how your creation of Photoshop or Illustrator will look in real life on real-looking objects. For example, him

The application can import and place logos and stickers placed on a bottle of wine, or test the appearance of the new wallpaper or furniture

materials created in Adobe Substance. The application features an easy-to-use and highly intuitive user interface that

promotes iteration, collaboration and rapid representation of final images, and can be used to bring concepts very quickly to

lifetime. The interface supports drag and drop, easy configuration of light sources (with size, shape, color and

position), the import of background photos that can serve as realistic backgrounds for some 3D objects placed in them,

Realistic representation of shadows that follows the characteristics of your imported background photos and more.

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