About Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a free digital asset management application that can help Adobe Suite application users take full control over their local and network connected storage,

Organize their multimedia files and make them easily accessible for future viewing, access and integration into projects With more than 15 years of experience in Adobe-centric file management,

Bridge has become a full-featured desktop multimedia browser that can completely simplify the location, navigation, organization and processing process Batch of all your content files.

This includes not only digital photo images and vector image files,

But also audio / video files, RAW camera files and project files created by the most popular

Adobe applications such as Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), Acrobat (PDF), Flash (SWF / FLV), Adobe ZD and many others.

Best of all, Adobe Bridge can not only organize all those files, but also preview them without the need to install (or even have or have subscription access) to the corresponding independent Adobe applications.

Of course, editing those files (adjusting visual aspects of photos, trimming audio files, etc.) is impossible while using only the Bridge application.

This powerful preview feature transforms Adobe Bridge into a flexible administration / viewer application and a visual gateway capable of local storage.

No matter if you are a novice or an experienced professional, it allows everyone to find Adobe project and multimedia files quickly and effortlessly on their PC or laptop,

Search and sort files by their types, metadata and even perform various procedures.

Batch conversion that can also help in organizing large content libraries.

Adobe Bridge

You can perform more conversion and manipulation procedures on the photos if the user has also installed the latest version of the Photoshop application,

Which unlocks access to a wide range of automation add-ons, scripts and camera RAW filters for individual image processing and in batches.

Photoshop users can also access an add-on that brings some of Bridge’s features directly to this photo editing application.

In addition, it has a built-in ability to add watermarks to images, create as many collections as necessary,

Qualify and tag photographs (which can help search and classify them),

Perform various batch processing procedures (rename and more), create Slide shows,

Directory preview without importing files to your library, and much more.

Experienced users of the Adobe application suite have found that Bridge is an invaluable tool for managing larger datasets that are created during daily work on large projects.

The application is especially useful for marking and sorting such files,

As it offers users the ability to create their classification procedures,

Mark files with metadata entries, classifications, bookmarks or even colorize directory icons for easier visual inspection.

While Adobe Bridge was part of Adobe Creative Suite 2 (2005), after a decade and a half of development and updates,

This application decouples from all other Adobe offers and is offered to all users around the world as a 100% FREE application.

It doesn’t matter if you have another Adobe application or if you are an active Creative Cloud subscriber,

You can freely download and use all Adobe Bridge features without any restrictions.

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